Become the go-to PPC experts in any industry. No 'hustle' BS required.
Forge is the exclusive private community for PPC Agencies who want to attract the right clients, close more sales and train their team to deliver results.

The private membership group for PPC Agency Owners looking for like-minded professionals, ongoing support and direct access to me (Ed Leake) for coaching and tailored training.

Register today and you get 15+ hours of agency growth and sales training, and audit workshops.

So you can level-up your positioning and sales strategy. And train your team to deliver the results you promise your new clients.

To ensure I can give you my undivided attention and support - seats are limited.

If you're serious about growing your agency, retaining clients and improving results - you know what to do.

JOIN FORGE & UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL God Tier Forge is exclusive and actionable. No nonsense.


Here's just some of the bonus content you'll find inside...

Build a 7-figure agency

In the 12 part 'Agency Scaling' series I show you how to:

  • Position your agency to win (no matter the size).
  • Cut-through the noise so you'll be the one prospects choose.
  • Easily capture qualified leads with 30% opt-in rates.
  • Deploy my high converting funnels.

And without having to flog yourself daily on every social channel!

Consistently convert leads to sales

I've shown you how to generate demand for your services and the leads are flowing in...

Next, you need to close them and get the sale (without selling).

I have a 'bulletproof' two-step strategy for converting 90% of your qualified leads.

And inside Forge I share the exact script and template with you.

So you can be like Sam...

Deliver the results you promised

You're generating leads and converting them in to paying clients.

But - if you don't deliver the results, those clients won't stick around for years to come.

That's why Forge is brimming with exclusive workshops on how to deliver those results you promised.

So your retainers last years, not weeks, and you can consistently train your team and scale.

Feelow agency owner - are you ready to become the go-to PPC expert in any industry?

JOIN FORGE & UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL Attract the right clients, close more sales and deliver results.