God Tier Ads Framework Updates & Change Log


August 25th 2023:

It’s landing page optimisation day here in GTA!

August 21st 2023:

August 10th 2023:

I’ve just added two new videos to answer rather common questions:

August 2nd 2023:

Three scripts updated and tested working:

July 24th 2023:

July 21st 2023:

I’m pleased to announce that Nils Rooijmans will be collaborating with me.

If you don’t know Nils, he actively uses (and creates) scripts to enhance his agency and speed up account work.

That means each month he will be bringing his automation and scripting skills to God Tier by adding new scripts for you.

Many of these scripts will be from his personal archive too.

This is another ‘free – until I get hit by a bus – update’ added to GTA… with more coming soon!

– Ed

July 6th 2023:

  • Minor tweaks to advice for “Ad Group” section (line 147 on) of the master checklist for Phrase match (and updated an old line about the now defunct BMM)
  • Also, please vote in this survey

June 7th 2023:

June 6th 2023:

May 22nd 2023:
Updated the sheet and added additional notes + links.

  • Auto-applied ad suggestions are turned off
  • Auto-applied recommendations

May 3rd 2023:
Tag Manager Server-Side Conversion Tracking
UA vs GA4 Metrics Cheat Sheet

April 21st 2023:
Comparing UA vs GA4 metricsFebruary 15th 2023:
– Added: Free serp scraper + Ad Recon training (very important for improving your RSAs)
– Updated: RSA Questions & Answers + Optimisations

February 3rd 2023:
– Added: Ecommerce Tracking – GA4 & Shopify
– Added: Working with Negative Keywords to brush up on the fundamental.

January 31st 2023:
– Added: GTM Website Form TrackingNovember 25th 2022:
– Master checklist updated (too many individual changes to list updates)
– Added Performance campaign builds, with updated budgeting, bidding and optimisations
– Removed UA/GA3 and Smart shopping sections
– Updated PMax Section to include slide decksNovember 18th 2022:
Performance Max section added: removed Nov 25th, superseded by the bigger update above
– Including a end-to-end training video (1hr 35mins+)
– This will be added to the checklist over the coming weeksNovember 9th 2022:
Performance Max Best Practices
Ad Extensions Become Assets

Content suitability updated controls for exclusions (YT, GDN and PMax)

October 14th 2022:
Q&A: Account structure and match types?
Q&A: How to safely split campaigns?October 13th 2022:- Custom Audience creation in GA4
– Google Ad script updates coming before end of month

August 15th 2022:
– First Q&A recorded: How Many RSAs?
– I’m going to start recording these, especially when I see the same question reoccur.

July 20th 2022:
– Highly detailed Identify & Apply Micro Conversions (GA4 ready)
Micro conversion segmentation sheet

July 11th 2022:
I’m filling in a few areas where people still have questions:
Call Conversion Tracking
– An intro and the Pros & Cons of Performance Max

*currently working on PMax migration and Micro conversion advisory docs.

June 8th 2022:
Added some fundamental support docs for questions I often see:
– Quickly
Audit your Conversion Tags
– Getting Started with
Enhanced Conversions

June 6th 2022:
Entirely new section for setting up Google Analytics 4 including supporting docs:
– Sheet rows 34 through 73
– And a section for GA4 supporting docs12th May 2022:
Video: Last-click attribution – should you move to Data driven?

4th May 2022:
Update: MCC overseer script to Google’s ‘new script experience’.
Thanks to God Tier member Anthony Luong for the fix.

6th April 2022:
Added: advisory video for Smart Shopping migration to Performance Max.

30th March 2022:
The “23 Pillars of Ad Copy” has been upgraded with a Responsive Search Ad template.

21st March 2022:
41 –  Updated ‘Analytics Macro and Micro conversion goals imported to Ads’

After extensive testing – the first ‘Performance Max’ update is here.
Added – 151 to 168, setting up Performance Max
Added – 170, guidance on Smart Shopping campaigns
Added – 295 to 300, Performance Max reporting and optimisation

12th February 2022:
Uploaded – “Scale Smart Bidding” video walk-through.

2nd February 2022:
Checklist updates:

188 – Added ‘Account structure’ section to clarify some points
190 – Added ‘When to consider splitting campaigns or ad groups’
191 – Added ‘How to handle keyword match types and campaign structure’

Supported by the updated Wireframes doc below.

234 – Added ‘Eliminate wasteful ad targeting’
261 – Updated guidance on ‘Creating and working with Responsive Search Ads’
262 – Updated guidance on ‘Responsive Search Ad strength score’
270 – Updated ‘Responsive Search Ad optimisation’

Supported by the addition of the RSA Questions & Answers doc below.

277 – Updated guidance on ‘Audience performance’

1st February 2022:
Revised with additional clarification for 2022 – Wireframes: Build Accounts For Better Results

And minor updates to Account Structure Q&A

27th January 2022:
Added: “Automatic RSA Adder” script with labels. Thanks to GTA member Tom Beckerle for sharing.
Added “Responsive Search Ads – Questions, Answers & Optimisations” guidance. The sheet will be updated next week.

7th December 2021:
Added – “Impression Based Auto Negative Keywords” script to help you negative wasteful search terms.

23rd November 2021:
228 – Updated “Auction Insights report – review competitors”
229 – Added Auction Insights – new competitors

4th November 2021:
82 – Added a note of clarification to “Manual versus automated bidding”, as I see many of you still asking about bidding on new/low data campaigns and accounts.

16th October 2021:
255 – Updated “Responsive Search Ad strength score”
256 –  Added “Creating and working with Responsive Search Ads”

12th October 2021: added a new file for Shopping Campaign Structure (with or without Smart Bidding).

7th October 2021: The ngram analysis script has been updated (it stopped working). Thanks to community members Kris Boorman & Sion Jones for fixing!

18th September 2021:
191 – When to increase campaign budgets.
200 – At what point do you add broad match keywords.

9th August 2021:
Scale smart bidding (and diagnose why it failed) a workflow for both Ecommerce and Lead Gen accounts.

These visuals are good training tools. Instead of just giving you the theory, it teaches you how to approach a problem systematically. Find them here – ecom and lead gen.

4th August 2021:
Lots of useful additions and revisions to the Shopping section.

152 – How and when to test or use Smart Shopping.
322 – Product feed optimisation – better than best practices and many ideas to test (full 58 page presentation added).
326 – Your feed optimisation rules.
327 –  Product titles are following best practices.
328 –  BRAND vs brand in product titles.
329 –  Product title examples – BRAND, brand and category.
335 –  Test a 0-click campaign for products that failed to get noticed.
336 –  Test a dedicated best sellers campaign.
338 –  If using Manual CPC update product level bids.

29th July 2021:

Revised, “Bidding Strategy Cheatsheet” – updated to reflect Google’s bid strategy changes and added some additional support comments.

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